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Cardiothoracic / Cardiovascular Drape Set
The surgical drapes for cardiovascular surgery provide efficient infection control featuring effective fluid control for a dry working area. offers a wide range of specifically designed single drapes and sets for all type of interventions within cardiovascular surgery. All-in-one design and integrated incision films and pouches allow for easy and efficient handling.

Main designs for cardiothoracic drapes :

CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting)
Valve replacement

Angiography Drape
Angioplasty Drape
Cardiovascular Chest Sheet
Major Drape
Plain Sheet
Incise Drape
Trolley Covers
Cardiovascular set : The set contains all items needed for draping patient including a large slit sheet, a chest drape as well as foot covers.
Angiography / Angioplasty Sets : 
The set contains all items needed for draping patient including angiography drape with adhesive windows for femoral arteries and measurement desk cover as well as a tube support.

surgical drapes for angiography surgery provide efficient infection control. The drape is easy to use and features effective fluid control for a dry working area as well as transparent side panels for instrument visibility.

Main designs of angiography drapes :

Brachial angiography
Femoral angiography, adult, paediatric and neonatal
Hybrid O.R. interventions
Pacemaker defibrillator insertion
ENT, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Drape Set

The drapes are both absorbent and completely impervious to fluids. They adhere securely to skin and to each other. Pack containing impervious, absorbent patient drapes and adhesive split sheet. Also includes operation tape, instrument table cover and Mayo stand cover. All items contained in a single pack.

Surgical Drapes incorporate a totally new composition of the latest state-of-the-art material. The material is comparable to the strength and drapeability of linen, but unlike linen, is completely impervious to fluids.

Universal Slit Sheet Set : 

The set contains all the items needed for draping the patient including a large adhesive drape sheet and an adhesive slit sheet.

Minor Maxillofacial Surgery Set :

The items contained in this set include two fenestrated drapes with adhesive area for adapting the aperture diameter by overlapping the two drapes.

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