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Equipement Covers Set
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  Mayo’s Trolley cover (Small, Large)
  Reinforced Mayo’s Trolley cover (Small, Large)
  Instruments table cover (Small, Large)
  Video Camera Cover
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General Surgery Drape Set

As general surgery procedures vary widely, drapes need to be adaptable. They must withstand challenges such as large volumes of blood and irrigation fluids, heavy retraction during abdominal procedures and must also offer long-term protection where procedures may last for several hours. range of surgical drapes aims to meet these challenges.

Our company manufactures general surgery accessories in accordance with the customer's specifications and requirements. These general surgery accessories are available at industry leading prices. The assortment of these accessories comprises of the following :

Basic General Set
Universal Drape
Major Drapes
Cesarian Drapes
Plain Sheets
Mayo's Trolley Cover Small / Large
Trolley Sheets
Baby / Infant Drapes

Surgical Sterile Drapes

We understand that the risk of infection increases when strike-through occurs anywhere within the sterile field, not just in the traditional critical zone.

If a drape is absorbent but not impervious, fluid goes straight through the drape onto the operative site where it can pick up skin flora from unprepped skin and transfer this into the surgical site.

drapes are impervious to liquid strikethrough which can help to reduce bacterial transfer and subsequent contamination of the surgical site. Many of our drapes feature an absorbent, impervious material throughout the drape to incorporate the true critical zone … The entire sterile field.

Our adhesive drapes incorporate a pressure sensitive adhesion which is skin friendly and repositionable once upon removal.

Product Benefits :

Totally impervious to prevent strike-through and subsequent contamination of the surgical site
Absorbent material provides excellent fluid control
Strong enough to withstand the most arduous procedures
Hypoallergenic adhesive which keeps the drape in place yet is easily removed from the skin without causing trauma
Virtually all the comfort of linen. Soft and pliable for both patient and theatre staff
Very low linting, reducing the risk of infection and build-up of lint in air conditioning outlets
Non-breathable material helps maintain patient temperature
Low flammability
Matt finish prevents glare from operating lights
Carries the CE Mark, indicating that the products have undergone specified conformity and assessment procedures

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